Kleen Bebé

In 2013 Kimberly Clark’s Kleen-Bebe line decided to completely overhaul their digital presence, from their platform site to their social media footprint. It was up to us to deliver a site that was youthful and appealing to those in the infant care line of work. Oh yeah, we also had to learn to use their CMS which is Umbraco based, which was neat, sort of. . .
The first thing to go was their flashed based site, not only was it a chore to navigate, but also confusing. The content that they were providing, which is useful to any Mom or Dad out there was difficult to find and navigate through. So we started with the UI and UX of the site, and making it a simple to navigate.

Kimberly Clark | Kleen Bebé

  • Role: Lead Front-End and UI/UX Designer
  • Client: Kimberly Clark's Kleen Bebé
  • Agency: Primer Nivel Group
  • Year: 2013

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