In 2011 Google wanted to spread awareness of some of the new features a few of their products were coming out with; in order to engage more directly with its users they came to me. This series of AMAs (ask me anything) style interviews included the: Google Maps Team, Google Chrome Team, Google Docs Team, and Google Blogger Team

Case Study and Results:

During our AMA series we brought in a total of 7,688 questions, comments and answers. The average amount of Unique Hits per day was: 550,000; impressions a day per thread hovered over 1.250.000. The monthly impact of each was anywhere from 8.000.000 to
The most popular AMA by far was the Google Maps one where it received coverage from certan news outlets.

Kimberly Clark | Kleen Bebé

  • Role: Social Media Consultant
  • Client: Google
  • Agency: MNDZ
  • Year: 2011